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Mahiti center

What is Mahiti center ?

- Mahiti center is place where various information are available in printable format. Information like government /banking jobs information, Jobs application form formats, etc.


Why partner with mahiti bazaar?

- Want to add value to your current business like cyber café, printing press, computer institute, educational institute, stationary shops and also increase your revenue them become a Mahiti center by partnering with us.

Enjoy the benefits

• Add value to your current business

• An alternate value to your existing infrastructure.

• An opportunity to earn more with minimal investment.

• Become an information /Mahiti centre for your business area.

• Generate more walk-ins in your shop.

• Advertise your shop/ center with us in Local paper,. Online, promotional SMS in mobile etc.

• A very simple system to understand and making selling easy


Partner with us

1. Fill in your details, choose plan and submit the registration form.

2. Once your details are verified, a Mahiti center account is created and details will be sent to you via email and SMS.

3. You start the selling …


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