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Mahitibazaar is a marketplace for non internet savvy people and internet users for all type of online information. Mahitibazaar collects all Information (Mahiti) at a single place and share with users. It presents information in a better way by following manner

• Organized way

• Localized language

• With analysis

• Graphical statistic and

• Feedback/reviews.

We work together with channel partner(Mahiti center) in all cities rural and urban area.


We are thought leaders


It has been said before and you hear it every where: Information [Mahiti] is power. The importance of information to individuals and organizations, and therefore the need to manage it well, is growing rapidly. Now more than ever, we need to understand the critical role information plays in so many aspects of business and life. It drives our communication, our decision making, and our reactions to the entire environment.


Information [Mahiti] obviously fuels most of our daily activities. Knowledge workers who understand the importance of information will have a unique advantage over those who do not. And even more importantly, those who understand the difference between good information sources and poor ones will become knowledge leaders.


Information [Mahiti] today is very important in making every informed decision that we are faced from choosing a car to choosing a career. gives the consumers and producers information at their finger tips in making an informed and wise decision. Many if not all consumers and producers rely on information in order to make a decision. With all the information that is available we are able to make informed and wise decisions that changes or lives for the best. Information is key component in making a decision with the right and accurate information technology.


There are times in the market that there is asymmetric information which is either the buyers or sellers have better and more information on the product thenthan the other. This causes consumers or producers to make informed decisions on a product or products with unknown or too little information. Consumers and producers value information in order to make a good and informed decision by having reliable information.


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